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Returning to your Job-Making Daycare Work

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Returning to your Job-Making Daycare Work

Returning to work and placing your child in daycare can be a difficult time for any parent, regardless of whether your baby is only a few weeks old or they are now a pre-schooler. Regardless of when the time comes there are several factors that should be addressed to insure the transition is as smooth as possible for both you and your child.

First, given some thought to when the right time might be for you to return to work. For some families, finances may dictate much of this decision. Once the maternity leave runs out, you may find that you simply have no other choice but to return to work. Some issues that should be considered when making the decision to return to work include:

If you are breastfeeding, how will that transition be handled?

What changes do I need to make in order to get everyone ready in the morning?

How will I cope with not being able to see my child during the day?

Have I planned financially for the additionally child care expenses

Do I have a back-up plan in case my provider is unavailable or my child is sick and can’t attend daycare?

When you do make the decision to return to work recognize that there will be a period of adjustment for everyone. Not only will you be returning back to a work schedule but you will also now need to adapt to a new schedule with your child-getting them ready to go to daycare, picking them up, etc. Communication between all family members can make this process work much more smoothly.

Recognize that it is normal to feel some separation anxiety. Speaking with your partner, caregiver, employer and even possibly your physician can help you to come up with solutions to smooth the transition when you return back to work.

Possible ways you can make the transition easier include:

Researching possible part-time, telecommuting or flextime work options

Bringing a picture of your child to work with you

Having lunch with your baby or child

Building back up to your return to work in graduated time periods. For example, only working part-time for the first two weeks, etc.

When it comes to daycare be sure to consider all of your options. Look for someone who is very qualified and with whom you feel comfortable leaving your child. Do take the time to research options that are available to you and make sure your ultimate choice is the best one for both you and your child. Speak with family members, friends and neighbors to get recommendations. Visit your top choices, speak with other parents whose children are enrolled and follow-up on references. Consider the proximity of the facility from your work and home. Other important factors that should be taken into consideration include:

Ratio of children to teacher
Security policy
Daily schedule
Overall cleanliness and safety

Finally, don’t forget to include the whole family in this new adjustment process. Everyone will be affected and it is only fair that everyone should be involved in the process to make it work. Speak with your partner and older children about ways in which they can make the process work for everyone involved, such as pitching in on chores, rotating drop off and pick up and helping everyone get ready on time in the mornings.

Taking the time to consider all of the factors related to returning to work and introducing your child to daycare can help to make the process as smooth as possible. Remember that planning ahead, taking your time and asking for help when you need it can be key to making sure the process is successful.