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Daycare-Starting off on the Right Foot

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Daycare-Starting off on the Right Foot

Finding the right childcare can be a time consuming and difficult process, especially given all of the factors that must be taken into consideration. After all of that hard work there can be a strong temptation to breathe a sigh of relief and let things coast once your child is enrolled. Be aware; however, that finding the right daycare facility for your child is only part of the job. Even after your child is enrolled there are certain steps that you should take to make sure that everything continues to operate smoothly. Read on for tips to find out what should be done.

First, always make a point to pick up your child on time. For working professionals who frequently must work overtime this can be difficult; however, it is important to understand that daycare facilities typically have standard operating hours just like any other business. Obviously, you can’t help the occasional emergency but every effort should be made to pick up your child promptly. When and if you do realize there is going to be a delay report it as quickly as possible to the facility to let them know. This not only allows them to help prepare your child for the fact that you won’t be there at the same time as all of the other mommies and daddies to pick him up but also allows the daycare provider to make plans as well-after all, they have families and lives too.

It is also important to make sure that you complete and turn in all paperwork requested by the facility promptly. Ideally, this should be done even before your child begins the first day of enrollment. In many cases, documentation such as medical health release forms and immunization records may be required by law to be submitted before your child begins. Whenever other forms are requested throughout the year, such as permission slips for field trips, make a point to sign these and turn them in right away as well.

If you notice a problem, don’t hesitate to bring it up to the director or teacher. Avoid the temptation to just let it go for awhile. This can be disastrous. The sooner problems are addressed, the better.

Check periodically to make sure your child has all the supplies he or she needs. This includes a change of clothing in case of accidents, art project supplies, diapers, wipes, formula, etc.

If your child is sick, be sure to report it to the daycare. You would be amazed how quickly germs can travel, especially when young children are involved. Reporting your child’s illness can help the facility notify other parents whose children may have been exposed. Most facilities have a requirement that all contagious illnesses must be reported.

Avoid the temptation to toss the notices and newsletters you receive. Make a point to read them. They could include important information about upcoming events or possible facility closings.

If for someone reason you anticipate your child may have problems during the day, don’t hesitate to let the facility know. This could be because he or she didn’t sleep well the night before or even because mommy or daddy is away on a business trip. Notifying the facility will help your child’s teacher better understand your child and provide her with the care she needs.

If a parent-teacher meeting is requested, make a point to attend. If you absolutely cannot attend, let someone at the facility know so that you can make other arrangements to obtain the information presented.

Don’t forget to let the facility know in advance if your normal routine is going to change, such as an early pick-up or even a relative will be picking up your child on a given day. Most daycare facilities require advance permission be provided if anyone other than you will be picking up your child.

Finally, don’t forget to always make payment on time.